Gorilla Commercial Lighting DE Pro Series Grow Lights to Launch For Pre-Order October 15th, 2019

Source: Cannabiz Media

Since its inception in 2012, Gorilla Grow Tent quickly became the worldwide authority in grow tents, introducing a level of quality and design that had never before been seen in indoor enclosures. Gorilla Grow Tent has now turned that same attention to detail, love of growing, and passion for quality towards horticultural lighting. As one of the world’s most popular lighting choices for large-scale, commercial cultivation, the benefits of Double-Ended High-Pressure Sodium lighting cannot be ignored. Just as Gorilla Grow Tent reinvented what a grow tent can and should be, it has now successfully reimagined the DE fixture.

The DE Pro Series has been designed to withstand the rigors of the ever-growing commercial cannabis cultivation industry. As a grower, this means fewer headaches, less downtime, lower costs, and ultimately increased peace of mind and profitability. The Gorilla DE Pro Series is more efficient resulting in higher PPF, and less heat than the leading competitor brands resulting in greater quality and yield for all of your grows. This all-in-one fixture utilizes a unique, low-frequency square wave design, coupled with optimized heat sinks, effectively increasing the lamp’s performance, as well as lowering the considerable heat, acoustic resonance, and EMI produced by the leading high frequency, sine wave, DE competitors. These plug and play fixtures include internal ballast, industry-leading 1000w lamp, and optional Gorilla Commercial intelligent digital lighting controller capable of controlling over 500 luminaires simultaneously.

“The square wave technology in the Gorilla DE Pro Series is considerably more expensive to produce, but when you’re a commercial facility, the reliability of your fixtures is absolutely vital to the success of your business,” said Gorilla CEO Rory Kagan. “We want to ensure that our customers are set up for success. Square wave technology puts so much less stress on these fixtures, it increases the lifespan of your bulbs by 50% and the failure rate drops to nearly nothing. In an industry where a single failure can be catastrophic for your harvest, this is a real game-changer. The Gorilla DE Pro Series is going to be the gold new standard in commercial grow lights.”

In addition to utilizing innovative square wave technology, the Gorilla DE Pro Series is one of the few fixtures on the market that can run both CMH and HPS bulbs. CMH bulbs tend to thrive during the pre-flowering process, and many commercial cultivation facilities like to checkerboard their grow rooms with CMH and HPS fixtures. With the Gorilla DE Pro Series, there’s no need to purchase additional fixtures just for CMH bulbs.

The 1000w Gorilla DE Pro Series will be available for preorder on October 15th, and will officially launch on November 1st. You can sign up for more information and updates at gorillagrowtent.com.