Gorilla Grow Tent Brings Groundbreaking Innovations to Indoor Gardening

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Although cannabis can thrive outdoors, Mother Nature can be unpredictable to say the least. Even the most skilled farmers could have their crops ruined due to factors beyond their control.

Cannabis grow tents give people the ability to mitigate many risks which would otherwise be unavoidable outside. For instance, if the pH balance or nutrients in the soil are off, indoor growers can take measures to address these. If lighting is insufficient or the temperature is unfavorable, this is also adjustable. Put simply, it’s possible to control every aspect of the growing environment. When done right, this guarantees excellent yields that dwarf those of outdoor plants.

The benefits of indoor gardening are plentiful. Besides stealth and not being at the whim of Mother Nature, being able to completely control the temperature, humidity, and light cycle of your grow environment is hugely beneficial to optimizing quality and yield. However, growing indoors does offer one unique challenge when compared to growing outdoors, and that’s space—primarily vertical height. Growing outdoors, you have no restrictions when it comes to vertical growth. Your plants can grow as tall as they desire. The sky is, quite literally, the limit.

Gorilla Grow Tent set out to fix this issue when they designed their first grow tent in 2011, and now offers the first and only height-adjustable grow tents on the market. Gorilla’s original grow tents start at 5’11” tall, and include a free 1’ extension kit, providing an available height of 6’11 right out of the box. Gorilla also sells optional 2’ extension kits, which can either replace the standard 1’ extension that ships with the tent, or be added on top of it to increase the available growing height to 8’11”. This gives the average indoor home grower considerably more space in which to grow, which is great for those Sativa strains that love to stretch during their growth cycle.

"The ability to adjust the height of your grow tent just didn't exist before Gorilla Grow Tent," said CEO Rory Kagan. "This simple innovation exponentially increased the usefulness and viability of growing in a tent. Canopy heat issues, growth space limitations, and many other setup related issues were completely eradicated."

Gorilla also offers their Gorilla Shorty grow tent line for those home growers who don’t have much height to work with, or people looking for a dedicated veg tent before moving their plants to flower. Starting at just 4’11 with an included 9” extension, they are also compatible with Gorilla’s 2” extension kit, for a total available height of 7’8”.

Finally, Gorilla’s Lite Line series of grow tents provide options for growers on a budget. Starting a 6’7” tall, they are available with optional 1’ extension kits to provide a growing space up to 7’7”.

Available online and through hundreds of retailers nationwide, Gorilla Grow Tent makes the most durable grow tents available on the market today for professional and recreational growers worldwide.