Gorilla Grow Tent Featured in New California RecRoom Grow Tent Kit

With new recreational laws comes a new system to maximize your legal limit.

Gorilla Grow Tent is excited to announce that we are now featured in the brand-new RecRoom Grow Tent Kit. The RecRoom is a complete premium grow tent setup designed for new growers to try their hands at indoor gardening affordably and safely.

RecRoom's mission is to create a premium grow room at an affordable price, enabling first-time growers to purchase a complete out-of-the-box grow setup which is safe, simple, efficient, and built to last—unlike many of the cheap grow tent kits currently on the market.

Many of the lower-priced grow tent kits on the market today make the unfortunate mistake of using low-end, unreliable components in the interest of saving money. The RecRoom aims to change this by offering a competitively priced indoor grow system that uses only premium products from trusted manufacturers within the industry. We were incredibly excited to jump on board. Along with Gorilla Grow Tent, the RecRoom includes high-quality LED Grow Lights from Kind LED and premium hydroponic nutrients from Lotus Nutrients.

The Standard RecRoom grow tent package retails at just $695 with free shipping, and features the Gorilla Lite Line 2’x4’ Grow Tent, and a Kind L300 LED Grow Light. The RecRoom Pro retails at $895 and features our Original Gorilla 2’x4’ Grow Tent and a Kind L600 LED Grow Light. All packages also include the Lotus Nutrients Purescription Starter Pack, a 4” Hurricane inline fan and Phesh carbon filter, six 5-gallon Smart Pots, a pH testing kit, fans, timers, and everything else you need to get growing today. By partnering with companies like Gorilla Grow Tent and Kind LED, RecRoom is able to offer their kits for between $400-$600 off retail price. And if that wasn’t enough already, every single RecRoom grow tent kit sold includes free lifetime grow support from their team of grow professionals.

RecRoom Grow Tent Kit StandardRecRoom Grow Tent Kit Pro

We at Gorilla Grow Tent are incredibly excited about this new partnership, and are eager to help lower the barrier to entry for indoor gardening. Potential new growers who have wanted to grow their own but have thus far been unable to take the leap for economic or legal reasons now have the opportunity to grow their own at home and reap the countless tremendous benefits indoor gardening has to offer.

The RecRoom is available now at GrowRecRoom.com starting at $695 with free shipping.