Kind Led Bar Lights

$83.97 USD (30% off) $119.95 USD
X40 (2 FT) X80 (4FT)
Spectrum Vegetative or Flower Vegetative or Flower
Diodes 108 216
Max Wattage 40w (±5%) 80w (±5%)
Input Voltage 90-277V AC 100-277V AC
Amperage 0.33A @ 120V / 0.167A @ 240V 0.67A @ 120V / 0.33A @ 240V
Lifetime >50,000 Hours >50,000 Hours
Weight 4.5 lbs 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 23.75”Lx 2.6”Wx 1.7”H 47.6”Lx 2.6”Wx 1.7”H
Cord Length 6' 6'
RMH +/-12” +/-12”
PPFD Peak (RMH) Vegetative 110 146
PPFD Peak (RMH) Flower 128 160
Warranty 3-Year 3-Year
Certifications CE, ETL, FCC, ROHS, IP65 CE, ETL, FCC, ROHS, IP65

Looking for a little light? 

The Kind LED X Bar Light is a gentler, more compact version of Kind LED X tech, and its strength comes in numbers! This grow light comes in two sizes and two spectrums to address your every growing need in an endlessly expandable number of combinations! 

With one or more X Bars, you'll be guaranteed:

Supplemental Sizing

The sun doesn't stay still in the sky…from our perspective anyway. And that means that some plants rely on getting light from multiple angles to thrive! But setting up multiple full sized grow lights isn't just expensive, it's not ideal for safety or plant integrity! The Kind LED X Bar Lights were made to be a boost to larger grows, and a non-invasive primary for smaller ones–pumping plants full of useable photons from any angle, while keeping things a little less intense. 

Verifiable Versatility 

Why can't you install a garage door to come up from the ground instead of down from a roof if you want? It's all about what the gears are rigged to be able to do. In that same vein, if you wanted to hang a traditional grow light by its side or on its back instead of vertically…you'd either be disappointed and have a small problem, or on fire with a bigger one! 

The Kind LED X Bar Light was engineered with perfect vertical and horizontal orientation integrity. That means you can hang them parallel to the floor by one end, perpendicular to the ground by the other, or angled to any degree in between! If you can rig it, you can light things up any way you see fit!

Definite Durability

As the manure bagger said to the custodian..."stuff" happens. Nozzles go haywire, vacations run long, and sometimes balls just get dropped. Growing indoors can be a dirty job! So for those who take on in-home farming, this bar light represents the ounce of prevention that cures 'Buying grow lights over and over' syndrome. With the Kind LED X Bar Light's IP65 rating, you can rest assured no dust or incidental splashes will put your grow in the dark!

Lighting Latitude

How many growers does it take to change a spectrum? Just one. If your supplemental lighting isn't getting with the times and shifting schedules and red heavy vs blue heavy to better kickstart and support different stages of growth in your crops? It's time to flip. The same spectrum-switching technology that powers the biggest Kind LED grow lights stays the same in the X40 and X80 bar lights to turn previously 'meh' yields into a hell of a harvest. 

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