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Article: Gorilla Grow Tent Kit: What Comes In The Box

image of gorilla grow tent kit in use

Gorilla Grow Tent Kit: What Comes In The Box

The Gorilla Grow Tent kit comes with all-metal poles, an extra thick fabric (roughly 3x the density of competitors), a 1-foot extension kit, instruction manual, and lifetime grow, technical, and customer support from the Grow Pros at headquarters.

The grow tent kit is built to is to protect, support, and optimize the health, yield, and quality of the indoor grow. Its extremely thick, fire and tear resistant tent fabric keeps noise, odors, and grow light in—and keeps pests, diseases, and external light out.

Gorilla Grow Tent kits are built with double-cinching exhaust ports allow ventilation, and multiple cord port holes run electrical cords to power sources.  Lighting and other grow equipment is supported by the all-metal pole construction which is proven to support over 300lbs.

The Gorilla Grow Tent kit starts with a box and ends with lifetime support from the Grow Pro team at headquarters. Great for both professionals and beginners, the Gorilla Grow Tent kit is simply the best-selling and best value in the market.

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