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Customer Reviews

We love to hear from growers around the world on their amazing experiences using the Gorilla Grow Tent.  We encourage feedback from all of our Gorilla Growers and would love to hear from you!  

Visit the Contact page to let us know how Gorilla Grow Tent has made your grow a success, or simply visit the page of the product you are using and leave a review to help growers like you make the best decision they will ever make, to GROW STRONG with Gorilla!


Steve, Customer 
Your company has been a pleasure to do business with. Jeff Del has made my experience an enjoyable one. There was an issue with the order and Jeff rectified the problem right away. An asset to your company. Thank you all for everything.


Jake, Customer 
To Jeff with support! I received a 8x8 lite tent for xmas and when setting it up i was missing 4 four way connector pieces. I called support and Jeff and Hannah were amazing and worked with me and were able to send me my missing parts! Thank you so much again cant wait to start growing once the connectors are in! Thank you Jeff!


Ordered 2 CFM kits for my 2 x 4 GGT and even if you don't need this add on for high air exchange, they really add strength to the tent especially with the extension kit on it. I put both on mine and it keeps the sides right where you want them. Great add on and super easy to install.


Connor, Customer 
Hello Gorilla Team!!! First of all let me just say that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! All of them, I even love the clothes you guys make even if I don't have any yet I have definitely checked them out! But OK back to the reason I am reaching out to you all today. So I really mean it when I say I love your products, I have used your 2x4, standard size and have never been as satisfied with an indoor tent as I was with the Gorilla Grow! (And trust me when I say that I have tried eevery brand out there. I have dealt with nightmares.) Buy yeah I recommend just you guys to EVERYONE. YOU'RE IT! You guys have the most reliable tent and the design, oh my gosh, it makes a world of difference, I have never had such ease and comfort working with my tents, the high Ceiling and versatility are great. You guys are the future of indoor growing, people will think, "Gorilla Grow," whenever anyone asks, "what should I use for my environment?" I'm telling you! Y you guys are awesome, keep doing what you do, I just wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for an excellent product. I love my tent I've had it for a long time! I hope to upgrade to a 4x8 one of these days when I can afford to move up.


Jerry, Customer 
I just want to say , I have purchased my fourth Gorilla Lite tent and the reason is the superior guality … my oldest tent @ least 3 years plus n still going strong❗️ You can pay less but not here … you guys have produced a sweet product … Im an old fossil fart (68yrs) n have seen a lot of crap in the market @ times but Im super glad , I came across your product … nice tents … solid Gorrila grow customer


Jeff A., Customer 
" Currently run a 8x16, a 4x8, and a 3x3 and love everything about these beauties... Mom always said strive to be the best, and that's you guys."


Eddie M., Customer 
" I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your company. I've been a long time buyer of your Grow tents and can't imagine buying anything else. I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I'd add a little sunshine. 🙂 You're doing great work, it's appreciated in our greenhouse, and I wanted to say thanks."


Vincent K., Customer 
"Have to give you guys a review. Your 4x8 tent is awesome. I have a 4x4 from a different company and the quality of the tent from material to poles outshine the other company completely. One of the poles in the 4x4 bent from equipment compared to my friend hanging from the 4x8 gorilla grow tent to show me it can with stand some serious weight. My other issue with cheap tents is the zipper with the gorilla grow tent is not an issue. If your thinking of buying one of these do it, it's worth every penny and will out last any of the cheap tents you come across online."


Darrell L., Customer 
"I purchased a High CFM kit from one of your retailers and received it with parts missing. Hannah Hawkins from your organization responded back to me very quickly and had my missing parts in the mail to me in a matter of minutes with a tracking number for me. Gorilla Grow Tents has such a great reputation as being the best of the best and she is a great example of that reputation."


Ryan B., Customer 
"I just wanted to give you hands down Amazing Review on your GrowTents & Dedication. I’ve never in my life had such a successful year! Since I started using my Gorilla Tent, the size of my plants, size of the “product areas,” it was absolutely unreal! I’m just so impressed I’ll be letting every single Friend That Grows know what’s the best in the Business. Also I live in a very Small Farm Town! Lol so everyone knows everyone in a Good way so I’ll be definitely letting everyone know what’s good In the Grow Room industry Hands Down… Thanks again FOR AN Amazing Product Hands down Too!! Gorilla Grow Tents!!! J The pioneers in The Grow Tents!!!"


D. Russell, Customer 
I would like to send a huge shout out to Jeff in technical support he made everything so easy and was super responsive I appricate everyone at gorilla tents and definitely will recommend this company to any family and friends planning on growing with tents!!


D. Gardner, Customer 
Very Useful! I ordered 2 sets of the 4x4 CFM kits. I installed them in the tent. One set 3 1/2 feet from the floor and the other set 6 - 6 1/2 feet up. They are very well made, great design and extremely useful. They add to the overall stability of the tent. The clips are very well made and should last a long time. The poles are very easy to clip into place and are snug enough they shouldn't slip. You can slide them up/down on the poles to reposition them. I found them very versatile in being able to mount clip fans or anything else on them that is not overly heavy. They also do keep the sides of the tent off of my plants with the negative pressure I have going on in the tent. Overall it is a great design and addition to an already well made grow tent. Only thing I would suggest is that 1 set should be sold along with the tent themselves. Well done!


Matt, Customer 
Outstanding quality grow tent! Excellent design, features and heavy duty. Takes only a few minutes to set up by yourself. This is my first grow-tent and I'm glad I shopped around and compared. Needed a grow tent that would be long lasting and have all the features a grower might need during all phases of growing. Go Gorilla, you'll be glad and successful if ya do!!!


Renita L., Customer 
Just a note to let you know how much I love my 2x4 grow tent. Its big enough for one or two plants, which is perfect for my limited space. It is without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made. High quality, easy to setup and use. Thanks.


John Z., Customer 
I want to say Gorilla tents are strong and tough. The extra cost is well worth the money spent. I am happy with my 2 by 4. Went together well too.


Griff, Customer 
Easy going assembly, nice product, is more costly than other brands, but I can see why! Nice quality, thanks gorilla and have a great day!


Susan, Customer
Love love love my 4×8 tent . Perfect for me. Thank you.
Lisa W., Customer
Thank you for such an awesome product. I was quite surprised at how amazing the construction of the tent is & how easily it can be assembled as well.
Brian B., Customer
I have a couple of your tents, a 10×10 and 4×8… them. In fact, I’m not sure what I would do without them. Thanks for making such a great product!!!! I’m really wanting to wear one of your shirts around to spread the word.
Jorgio G., Customer
I have been using your grow tents for the last 2 months and they are by far the best tents that I have used! They are really high quality.
Pat W., Customer
I am writing to you to express my appreciation for your company. Unlike many other companies in your industry, you clearly take the time and care to create products with the best materials and design possible. I have had no problems with my tent and the crops are doing great. I would like to tell you that the products you make are really making a difference in peoples lives.
Donovan H., Customer
I just recently purchased the LTGGT22 and I must say I love it! The quality in materials and design were more than worth the extra nickel. However, I did have small issue. I am missing one of the spring loaded deals used to cinch the ports closed. Is this something that you can send me? If so please let me know the process. Also, I was so impressed with the tent as compared to the GL60 I did a through review on Amazon. You can go check it out for yourself if you’re curious to see how I feel about the tent. Keep up the good work and make sure your quality control folks are vigilant!
Paul S., Customer
Thanks so much! Your company is amazing from service to product quality. Keep up the great work!
John, Store Owner
I personally took home the GGT225 unit as I am moving into a new house. So I have that unit storing my families herbs and vegetables temporarily. Upon opening the box, I noticed a much thicker shell compared to the Growlab or the Lighthouse tents. After removing that, I noticed that the tubing used for the framing is much larger than the competitors as well. Very straight forward and easy to put together. I do want to commend on the ease of getting the frame inside the shell. The zipper that runs left to right 3/4 of the way up really made it easy just to slip the top on and then pull up the bottom. I also took note of the velcro straps that are on the tent to temporarily hold up the bottom while getting the zipper attached. I like the windows. I don’t use them much, but its cool to just take a peek sometimes without undoing the whole front. Overall, I feel Gorilla Grow Tents are at the top of the food chain in that field of the industry. I have had a couple customers shy away from the price, which in some sizes is considerable, but all the quality, and the only tent in the industry with an extension kit, can be priceless for the right application.
I would personally rate them 5☆☆☆☆☆.
 Scott M., Customer
I used to have a 2×4. It worked amazingly; very thick, strong material, very easy to set up and take apart! I wouldn’t go with anyone else.
 Mike K., Customer
They kick ass and I want another one, plus they fixed my bent “T” bar no questions asked and had it to me 2 days later….. crazy good.
 Phillip G., Customer
I love gorilla grow tents because of their durability, and there are advantages that other grow tents on the market don’t have. By far the best grow tent ever!
Kai C., Customer
I’ve seen Gorilla Grow tents before & compared to other grow tent brands & Gorilla Grow Tents are by far the best in quality. They stay true to their products.
Michael R., Customer
Gorilla grow tents are the Rolls Royce of grow tents. The frame is stronger and far superior than any other. They also do not leak light like most competitors. Strong,durable,and a must own for any grower.Thats what I love about Gorilla Grow Tents.
Aleksey F., Customer
I am DEEPLY IN LOVE with Gorilla Grow tent because your tent is just a perfect thing for every grower, it combines high quality and design, actually it’s like a blue dream.
Cody C., Customer
They have the thickest material and are extremely lightproof. I love how easy they are to put up and how light resistant they are! My friend got one and I have been super jealous every since, haha, and the fact that you can add an extension for additional height is just the cherry on top of all the other great things about them.
Matty B., Customer
They have absolute superior construction, design and overall quality and can last for years and many yields.
Elise P., Customer
I love them because they feel way more sturdy and beefy than the grow tent my son and I have. We would love to take this beauty for a spin.
Jared, Urban Grow Systems
Chris, you da man! I wish all my distributors were so pleasant.
Jeani L, Greenhouse Tech Supply
We received the Gorilla display tent.  It is awesome!  We totally love it!
Allen C, Customer
This is my first real grow tent, and wow, I love it! I wouldn’t have even known how much stress setting it up alone puts on the fabric, and if I had bought any other grow tent it probably would have ripped from the stress. This is a profoundly impressive product, the quality of all of the materials is just through the roof, everything meets or exceeds even the most impressive claims made. Thank you so much for making a great product! I really want to order from you guys again in the near future when I have some extra money!
Oksana, Customer
All wonderfully!  I received a package   I am very happy to get a tent   I really like the quality of it.  I did not expect that it is so strong   Have a nice day!
Roy, Owner of Holos Indoor Gardening, Switzerland Distributor 
Response of our customers is very positive!  Got already the question if the bigger ones are also available. Off course, yes!
Gil, Director at Hydro Discount, French Indoor Gardening Distributor
People are happy to find GGT in our range.
The customers love the design and the difference in quality!!!
Eric, Customer
I love the gorilla grow tent simply because the quality of the product, when they say tallest, thickest, and strongest they mean it!! I just got my 5×5 gorilla grow tent yesterday and was pleased with the product. Perfect duct placement, larger ducting ports, the viewing windows, the zippers were very heavy duty compared to other tents that I have used before.  The Fabric is also so much thicker then the tents you find on ebay.  As far as strongest I tested it myself i was hanging on the roof bracing and I am over 200 lbs.  Can’t say enough how happy I am with my own gorilla grow tent and would recommend it to anyone looking  for a new grow tent.
Kristin, Customer
They are the best tent that I have seen. They are strong sturdy and are great for growing.
Nathan G., Customer
top quality made, best tent on the market.
Robert A., Prospective Customer
I can’t tell you that i love them but i do love the way they look constructed.  I been trying to save up money to get one.
Christopher S., Customer 
High quality, efficient and folds up and fits under the bed when guests come in from out of town..
Alvaro C., Customer
Easy to assemble, and the free extension rocks!
John D., Customer
There is no other worthy of my love.
Jeanette W., Customer
I love gorilla grow tents because they are strong and so protective!
Matt H., Customer
I love someone put in metal corners . I also love the added height option.
Barbara A., Customer
The quality is the best available, and there are no others that can withstand what the Gorilla can.
Jean-Phillipe, Customer
They look to be the safest and the best well-made grow tent. But the most important, the height !! 
Tommy K., Green Book Pages
They’re the tallest & strongest Grow Tent on the market!…and I like the windows!
Daniel D., Customer
I have high demands (no pun intended.) The requirements I expect to see, Gorilla Grow tents go above and beyond them. I will settle for nothing less than my garden being raised in a Gorilla Grow Tent. Period.
Alita A., Customer
So many heights and adjustments to fit various needs! Love it!
Austin, Customer
Thank you for sending the tent in a timely manner, and excellent customer service. Everything worked out perfectly. Thank you.
Danny B., Customer
I got in my 4’x8′ Gorilla Grow Tent in yesterday, and last night I got the opportunity to assemble it.. I would like to say that It was very easy to do. As well I love the quality of it. The only issue I had with this tent is that, It did not come with any awesome gorilla stickers. I was hoping for one to put on my snowboard this season. Just to show the love. But this small disappointment is very much so overshadowed by how happy that I am that I was able to get and use this tent.  Thanks! Danny
Danny B., Part II – Follow Up
I just got my package in the mail with the T-shirt and all of the stickers. I just wanted to thank Gorilla very much, for both making an outstanding product, to which I fall in love with more and more every time I go into it, and for the outstanding customer support that you have offered in every way. Thank you, it is appreciated more than you know!  Cheers! Danny
Nate Lipton, Growers House:
We’ve played around with, reviewed, compared, and actually sell at least five different companies’ grow tents, and we all unanimously here think that Gorilla Grow Tent has probably the best quality and the most features out of any other Grow Tent on the market.  So if we were going to consider this review a comparison, Growers House has decided to give this one to the Gorilla Grow Tent being the best grow tent in the market.
Scott Kuether, Hydrofarm Rocky Mountain Region:
I believe it is a solid product and will do very well in the marketplace.
Travis Miles, Hydrofarm East:
I have a lot of clients very excited about carrying your tents.
William M., Customer:
I have owned several other tents but this is my first Gorilla tent. I must say it is well worth the cost. Lots of vents, Quality zippers.  Just a well made product.
E. Smith, Customer:
Good quality. Easy to assemble. The tent is thick and seems like it will last a long time.  Many openings for wires and fans and venting purposes and can be closed off to not let light in.