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Most Effective

80–90% of our coconut carbon structure is made up of micro-pores, giving Gorilla Carbon Filters up to 50% more carbon surface area to bind and eliminate pollutants compared to common ‘’pellet’’ filter alternatives.

Longest Lasting

Thick carbon beds ensure the highest removal of volatile organic compounds, odors, and contaminants and increase the life span of the filter.

Sustainably Sourced

Premium, activated coconut shell, an eco-friendly, sustainable source of carbon, comes from a renewable crop, not from a mining operation or chemical process.

LIghtweight, Durable Design

The lightweight and durable aluminum housing and dual on board mounting points make the Gorilla Carbon Filter the easiest carbon filter to handle, install, and maintain


A California Company

Designed in California and backed by industry-leading
customer support - a part of the Grow Strong Industries
family of brands.

Gorilla Carbon Filter

Sale price $109.95

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4x12 6x24 8x24
Duct Size 4" 6" 8"
Length 12" 24" 24"
Airflow Rating 200 CFM 500 CFM 700 CFM
Weight 7.6 lbs. 17.75 lbs. 21.9 lbs.
Carbon Type Coconut Carbon Coconut Carbon Coconut Carbon
Bed Thickness 2" 2" 2"
Recommended Tent Size 2x2, 2x4, 3x3, 4x4 5x5, 4x8, 5x9 8x8

Comes with pre-filter and GGT-branded elastic bands.
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Gorilla Carbon Filter
Gorilla Carbon Filter Sale price $109.95

Customer Reviews

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Gorilla Carbon Filter

Absolutely works great! This filter has an awesome signature Gorilla build. I bought a 6" setup when a 4" was the calculated size needed. Now I am using less than 20% of the filter's capability with a far diminished air flow making my contact time off the charts. Coupled with the the great carbon that Gorilla is using I have an output that is outputting air with absolutely clean!