Build Your Own Indoor Greenhouse!

Dream of growing exotic plants or keeping your plants fresh all year round?

Use your Pintrest interest to do something homey and rustic that does not include glitter glue, start an indoor greenhouse.  When you think indoor green greenhouse traditionally one imagines a large warehouse style greenhouse with hundreds of plants that is many square feet. Actually you could have a homemade indoor greenhouse near a south-facing window, or in your basement with a grow tent and lighting system that can take up as much or as little as you prefer.

Plants you plan grow solely indoors or starting plants that will eventually move outdoors in a garden will kick off strong in an indoor greenhouse. The optimal light conditions that can be manipulated indoors will allow plants to grow and prosper at their full potential. Indoor greenhouses may maintain one or two plants or up to dozens. Like humans plants prefer fresh circulating air, so air circulation is very important. Enlist the few basic components: the structure, adequate lighting, air ventilation, and proper heating or cooling, and you are ready to grow.

The struggle of maintaining healthy plants in the winter should never be a worry, create your indoor greenhouse, and you will be saying oh your pipes froze? My plants didn’t.  Start germinating some seeds today and live a little!