DE Pro Series Commercial Grow Fixture
square wave technology

Less than 0.1% failure rate. With a failure rate this low, chances are you will never even see our warranty process, which means less labor, less downtime, and higher profit margins.

Low Frequency, Square Wave design ensures stable power resulting in optimum PPF, less depreciation of output , and increased lifespan of your lamps when compared to high frequency sine wave ballasts. 

Over engineered heat sink and properly designed thermals means the DE Pro Series will run cooler than any other DE on the market, all without decreased the efficiency from your lamp. 

Since its inception in 2012, Gorilla Grow Tent quickly became the worldwide authority in grow tents, introducing a level of quality and design that had never before been seen in indoor enclosures. Gorilla Grow Tent has now turned that same attention to detail, love of growing, and passion for quality towards horticultural lighting. As one of the world's most popular lighting choices for large-scale, commercial cultivation, the benefits of Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium lighting cannot be ignored. Just as Gorilla Grow Tent reinvented what a grow tent can and should be, it has now successfully reinvented the wheel in DE fixtures.

Let's start with the industry accepted failure rates for luminaires of this type. Most DE manufacturers will tell you that a 5% failure rate is commonplace and to be expected, and in some cases that number reaches as high as 15%. It's the nature of the beast, so to speak. Well, not the nature of the Gorilla. We are pleased to introduce a DE that has been over-engineered using only the best components, meticulously manufactured with the tightest quality control standards allowing us to boast an amazingly low failure rate of less than 0.1%.

The Gorilla DE Pro Series is the most durable DE ever created, built specifically for the harsh, uncompromising environments of commercial facilities. As a grower, this means less headaches, less downtime, lower costs, and ultimately increased peace of mind and profitability. We didnt stop there. The Gorilla DE Pro Series is more efficient resulting in higher PPF, and produces less heat than the leading competitor brands resulting in greater quality and yield for all of your grows. This all-in-one fixture utilizes a unique, low-frequency square wave design, coupled with optimized heat sinks, effectively increasing the lamps performance, as well as lowering the considerable heat, acoustic resonance, and EMI produced by the leading high frequency, sine wave, DE competitors. These plug and play fixtures include internal ballast, industry leading 1000w lamp, and optional Gorilla Commercial intelligent digital lighting controller capable of controlling over 500 luminaires simultaneously.

Grow Strong with Gorilla DE.

Unrivaled Dependability