A Gorilla Size Portion of Protection

When growing indoors plants liveliness depends on its habitat. To protect your indoor grow you want an indoor growing environment that is: well insulated, durable, and safe for the precious plant life inside.  Gorilla Grow Tent considered these variables and utilized the best way to protect your indoor grow in the thoughtful design of the Gorilla products.

Gorilla Grow Tents are 2-5x stronger than any other grow tent on the market, with an all metal frame the strong structure was made to protect your indoor grow. Most tents are prone to cracking or breaking due to plastic poles and connectors, having to repair a grow tent and disrupt the grow cycle can put your plants at an unnecessary risk. Gorilla Grow Tents are lined with diamond reflective technology that reduces  hot spots and effectively distribute lumens. Gorilla Tents also have the ability to adjust the height to 9’ tall allowing ample space between lighting and the tops of plants. To protect your indoor grow you want to interrupt the climate little as possible so Gorilla Grow Tents have convenient viewing windows to check on your plants without entering the protected enclosure.

Opt for a non-problematic growing experience, protect your indoor grow, and Grow Gorilla!