Not all grow tents were created equal, and the main component of a set-up is the grow tent material. Grow tent material will vary brand to brand and will make a huge impact on your overall grow depending on which type you choose.  Traditionally grow tent material was lined with basic Mylar that creates dangerous hot spots. Then Gorilla Grow Tent came along and changed the grow tent material game forever.

Gorilla Grow Tents fabric thickness is 1680 D making it the densest grow tent material available. Then Gorilla went one step further and lined the grow tent material with diamond reflective technology that evenly distributes lumens to allow the greatest benefits from the lighting system. The material in a Gorilla Grow Tent also is designed to be completely light-proof and limits odors from permeating. Gorilla Grow Tent canvas is also reinforced at all seams for strength, and washable for easy cleaning.

It’s okay to be materialist when choosing a grow tent. Grow with the best, the strongest, Gorilla Grow Tent.