Maturing plants outgrowing tent can be a major problem. Plants that are outgrowing the available grow space can result in burnt leaves and have a devastating impact on the quality of the yield.  It seemed the only options in the past to avoid plants growing too tall and too close to lighting gear was too weigh down or cut off the tops of the precious plants.

Now with a Gorilla Grow Tent, you could grow in a 10 foot tall grow tent!  Gorilla Grow Tent invented the world’s tallest grow tent so to avoid plants outgrowing tent. Gorilla grow tent’s height adjustable roofs will never stifle the grow and overall yield of plants at harvest time. Gorilla grow tents start at just five feet tall and may extend up to nearly 10 ft (9’11”), with various sizes in-between so that “plants outgrowing tent” will never be a search you’ll have to conduct on the interwebs.