Grow tent ventilation is imperative due to the heat produced by lights that increases interior temperatures significantly. Proper and suitable grow tent ventilation is essential when cultivating indoors because it will directly impact the safety and longevity of a plant and reflects upon the overall yield. This being such a huge factor, choosing the best fan, filters, and grow tent is very important.

A proper grow tent ventilation system will eliminate the problems that plants face in environment that temperatures are too high. The range of problems that can be caused by improper grow tent ventilation has been taken into consideration in Gorilla Grow Tents thoughtfully designed product line. Gorilla Grow Tents have multiple properly placed ports to allow for the most beneficial grow tent ventilation system. Gorilla Grow Tents also include mesh pre-filters on lowers vents to allow for fresh air flow without allowing unwanted critters entry. These pre-filters keep the tent bug and disease free.

Avoid plant health problems, prevent serious heat damage to plants and grow with the best, Gorilla Grow Tent.