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SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System

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Looking to house the maximum amount of plants in the maximum amount of hydroponic, grower-forward greatness? Look no further than the SuperPonics 16. 

Sixteen 3" deep grow cups line the California-designed, custom-molded, yield boosting setup to give you sixteen simultaneous opportunities to grow your biggest, highest quality yields ever! Growers report up to 5x faster growth with our systems, so you'll have your harvest in hand harder, better, faster, and stronger than ever!

How do we get your crops to the top? We include:

Just Add Water Assembly

Cultivating plants, whether it's for pleasure, sustenance, or sale, is never a totally linear process. And that's what makes it all so worthwhile! But the way we see it, even the most dedicated growers deserve to have something come 100% easy. That's why the longest part of our assembly process is breaking down the packing materials. 

No handfuls of parts to fiddle with or lose means set up is a breeze, no small parts need extra screwing, tightening, or adjusting through the life of your setup, and you've got a plug and play planter for the next several hundred harvest cycles!

Heavy Duty Lightness

Newsflash, plants need light to survive! Non-ironic newsflash…not all hydroponic setups can handle it! The SuperPonics16 is constructed from thick, food-grade, UV resistant plastic to resist cracking under pressure. No leaky flaws or leached out chemicals on our watch. 

And why is it white? It's not our nod to the iMac–the color is totally tactical! Because growers sometimes struggle to keep things cool in their indoor spaces, we made the cover not just UV resistant, but actively heat-reflecting to help handle the heat!

Doubling Down 

Some things just go great together! Calcium and Magnesium, magnifying lenses and smartphones, and in this case–deep water culture and top down watering! 

We paired deepwater culture feeding with top-down watering to create a two-in-one feeding system for the SuperPonics 16. Each set of operations will feed and water your grow independently…together! That means if there's a hiccup and one method takes a breather, its twin will be there to keep your grow fed without missing a step. 

Quiet Storms

If we doubled the feeding, we doubled the noise, right? Well in the sense that 2 x 0 = 0, that's kind of correct. The Eco Air 4 stones that fuel the deep water oxygenation and the 185 gallon per hour water pumps of our own making that keep water circulating and feeding from the top down are both made to move serious matter…discreetly. All moving parts are oil free, magnet powered, and ceramic-based, making for quiet growth, and 'loud' yields. 

SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System
SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System Sale price $349.95