Lotus Nutrients

$69.95 USD

The Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit is everything you need to trim down your bloated nutrient collection, feed vitality into your indoor grows and outdoor crops, and pump your harvests past all expectations! 

These nutrients were formulated by experienced Norcal growers who get their hands dirty doing the work we all love. And now they’re available in this convenient three-pack for all of us who dig, prune, and dry as part of a full cultivator-friendly suite. 

What do you get with each bottle in the Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit?

Versatility. Each formulation is completely water soluble, and suitable for growing in hydroponics or soil. 

Longevity. Every bottle is stripped down to stabilized, concentrated essentials, so your dollar stretches further and your nutrients last longer. No water to shift your PH, weigh down your shipment, or waste your growing bud-get! 

Modularity. Interchangeable parts are great for makes of cars. But where your nutrients are concerned, ‘One formula fits everything’ is just code for ‘We honestly gave up.’ Everything in our starter kit is made to work together to bring your blossoms the best of what they need nutritionally at every different stage of their life. No substitutions allowed.

Your Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit Includes: 

16 oz Lotus Pro Series Grow

Every good harvest has its beginnings in a great foundation. The Grow formula fuels vigorous growth of stems, roots, and leaves towards maximum strength and vascularity. Firm cell walls and root dendrites are the first steps toward plant vitality and overall health in their earliest growing stages. These nutrients bolster development from seedling to pre-flowering stages to prep your plant for its floral debut!

16 oz Lotus Pro Series Bloom

Got a plant with raging teen hormones? This is the nutrient blend to guide them through developing floral nodes and structures all the way through to new, fragrant fixtures. The Bloom formula was created to power your flowers in three distinct ways at once; increasing number, size, and density of any buds! You'll see more flowering sites, bigger buds, and tighter, thicker, hardier floral structures. Whether you harvest the flowers, later fruits, or you're actively breeding, you'll get more-al floral with what this blend brings to the table. 

18 oz Lotus Pro Series Boost

This is what you call kicking on the afterburners. Boost is your pre-harvest pump-up potion–taking over from Bloom's flower fortification or Grow's vegetative vitalization, depending on whether you've planted for leaves, roots, fruits, or flower. The last in the series will be what polishes your end product–pushing production of the proteins that make oils, terpenes,and hormones that make everything tasty! You'll notice more potent, pungent herbs, fuller tasting fruits, and more easily bred bloomers from every plant you pick! 

Ready to break your personal yield record? Let's GROW. 

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