Lotus Nutrients 4-Part Intro Pack

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Lotus Nutrients Sample Pack 

LOTUS NUTRIENTS are the perfect nutrients for all growing conditions: soil, hydroponics, coco coir, hand feeding or auto feeder, indoor plants, or outdoor gardens.

PURE & NATURAL: Naturally derived nutrients composed of raw ingredients containing essential micro and macro elements for your indoor plants or farm – we do not source from industrial byproduct!

DO MORE WITH LESS: These 4 products are designed to exceed professional 9-12 part liquid nutrients.

BIGGEST YIELDS: Easily grow bigger, healthier plants from seed to harvest with large buds and flowers, thick stalks, and deep robust roots.

HIGHEST QUALITY: Increase smell and potency in your flowering plants with the highest quality dry nutrients.


(1) Lotus Pro Series Grow (4oz)

(1) Lotus Pro Series Bloom (4oz)

(1) Lotus Pro Series Boost (2oz)

(1) Lotus Pro Series Cal/Mag (2oz)

Faster, HealthierRoot Development

Lotus Nutrients will help you grow faster, healthier root systems. Initial root development and overall root mass are crucial to unlocking your plants’ potential and will greatly
increase yields. It is essential to provide the right nutrients at the early stages of clone/seed and vegetation to ensure higher yields and better potency at harvest.

Gorilla Grow Tent
Gorilla Grow Tent

Thicker,Stronger Stalks

The Vegetative Bar Lights are based on the blue end of the spectrum and are great for all leafy greens and plants that need to remain in a Vegetative stage before initiating Flowering.

Higher QualityFruits & Flowers

Lotus Nutrients will increase your plants’ production of Secondary Metabolites, maximizing each plant’s true DNA, giving you the absolute best quality possible.

Gorilla Grow Tent
Gorilla Grow Tent

Maximized Yields

Every grower wants to ensure the highest yield possible, without sacrificing quality. With Lotus Nutrients, your plants will thrive; producing large, dense flowers spread across more flowering sites. *Add-in the optional CarboFlush to
further amplify the final stage of flowering.

Simplified & Amplified

While most nutrients companies create overly complicated recipes that require the use of 8-12 different products, Lotus was designed to deliver all of your plants’ needs with as few products as possible, without sacrificing anything needed for
successful harvests.

Gorilla Grow Tent

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Designed in California and backed by industry-leading
customer support - a part of the Grow Strong Industries
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