GSI-1 Controller for Gorilla DE PRO SERIES Commercial Grow Light

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The GSI-1, Gorilla's groundbreaking digital lighting controller, connects with over 500 Gorilla DE 1000W grow lights across two zones using standard telephone cables.This compact unit can control lights as far as 1,000 feet away with no start-up surge.

While the Gorilla DE Pro Series can work with your existing lighting controller, the GSI-1 can simulate sunrise and sunset, gradually warming up your plants. It also features brown-out / black-out detection and timing for optimal light restart, a built-in clock and 30-year rated battery backup.

The GSI-1 knows when temperatures in your indoor garden are too high and can automatically respond by dimming your lamps to mitigate environmental stress and plant damage. Output power can be fine-tuned from 600W up to 1150W in 1% increments.


  • DE Pro Series Commercial HPS CMH* Grow Light

    Gorilla Double-Ended Grow Light

    Gorilla DE Pro Series Grow Light Specs square wave technology

    square wave technology square wave technology


    Most DE grow light manufacturers will tell you that a 5% failure rate is common and to be expected. In some cases that number reaches as high as 15%. Gorilla Commercial Lighting is proud to introduce a double-ended fixture that has been over-engineered using only the best components, meticulously manufactured with the tightest quality control standards allowing us to boast an amazingly low failure rate of less than 0.1%. The Gorilla DE Pro Series is more efficient resulting in higher PPF, and less heat than the leading competitor brands resulting in greater quality and yield for all of your grows. It can also run both HPS and CMH* bulbs. This all-in-one fixture utilizes a unique, low-frequency square wave design and optimized heat sinks, effectively increasing the lamp’s performance and making it the best grow light on the market today. The advanced design succeeds in lowering the considerable heat, acoustic resonance, and EMI produced by the leading high frequency, sine wave, DE competitors. *Use only with double arc tube style CMH bulbs.


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