Heavy Duty Canvas Spill Tray Replacement

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Introducing the Heavy Duty Canvas Spill Tray Replacement by Gorilla Grow Tent

The ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and secure grow space. While our Gorilla Grow Tents are built to withstand over a decade of intensive growing, we understand that heavy use and unforeseen accidents can sometimes lead to the need for replacement spill trays. Our heavy-duty spill tray provides unbeatable protection, ensuring that accidental spills are contained and your plants and environment remain unharmed. With its impressive capacity to hold up to five times more volume than other brands, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your grow space is well-protected. Invest in the Heavy Duty Spill Tray Replacement by Gorilla Grow Tent for reliable and long-lasting safeguarding of your valuable crops.

"Please Note: This spill tray is composed of heavy duty, water tight, tent canvas material with reflective interior. This is intended for the replacement of the Gorilla Spill Trays that come complete with Gorilla Grow Tents."

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