X² Commercial LED Grow Light

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Power Cable:
Spectrum 3 Channel - Fully Adjustable*
Max Wattage 750w (±5%)
Input Voltage 120-277v
PPF 1650 μmol/s
Amperage 6.25A @ 120V / 3.125A @ 240V
Power Factor 0.963 @ 240v
LIfetime >75,000 Hours
Weight 40.2 lbs
Dimensions 39.4” x 39.4” x 4.3”
RMH (Recommended Mounting Height Above Canopy) ± 12”
Cord Type 6' - 120v or 240v
Footprint (RMH) 4' x 4'
Warranty 5 Year

*when paired with compatible controller

Do you need your plants covered, or do you need your plants covered? The Kind LED X2  combines an "X-centric" canopy unlike any other to bathe your grow in strengthening, yield boosting light! 

With their unique shape, over-engineered insides, and demonstrated harvest-boosting power, these commercial-grade grow lights put the X in 'Next Level.' Let's show you how. 

They keep it cool

Big grow lights usually come with high temperatures. But growers don't have to just roll over and accept that size means adjusting for their greens getting baked. The Kind LED X2  was over-engineered with superpowered heat sinks that won't make more demands of the cooling and ventilation systems you already have in place. Go ahead and cancel that souped up AC unit. The X2  illuminates effectively without heating things up. 

They keep it light

Ever walk into a spiderweb? Then you already know that the biggest things can be the thinnest, lightest, and greatest at staying in place all at once. Despite its photon-footprint clocking in at 4'x4', the lights measure just under 40"x40". The Kind LED Xalso barely whispers against the scales at a featherweight 40lbs, and presents a super-sleek height of 4.3". That's shorter than a good sandwich is long! 

These specs all add up to an LED grow light that's easy to attach to our Gorilla Grow Tents' sturdy steel poles at a poundage that's enough to barely put a dent in the weight capacity–and one that won't get in the way of your plants' upward mobility! 

They keep up

Every indoor grower has to ask–how do you improve on the sun? But that's not the whole equation. Light schedules and light spectrums have to change to accommodate stages in plant growth that link up with the seasons. The Kind LED X2 has red/blue heavy spectrum adjusting and timer scheduling capabilities to keep plants in groove with their own natural cycles. And when your plants aren't fighting against an unfriendly flow? They grow and grow! You might want to start stretching your harvesting hand now.

They keep it coming

If the proof is in the pudding, you're going to need a bigger bowl. Independent (re not-sponsored) growers report bigger better plant growth under the X2, when compared to a dozen others, and when it was time to bring in the sheaves, they also noticed:

Increased flavor

Increased quantity


Increased potency of their medicinal herbs! Even if you're not making what you grow into anything therapeutic, the increase in vitality and the proteins that lead to better scent, color, and taste will truly come to light under the X2.

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