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Faster, Healthier Root Development

Lotus Nutrients will help you grow faster, healthier root systems. Initial root development and overall root mass are crucial to unlocking your plants’ potential and will greatly
increase yields. It is essential to provide the right nutrients at the early stages of clone/seed and vegetation to ensure higher yields and better potency at harvest.

Thicker, Stronger Stalks

Lotus Nutrients gives your plants the proper building blocks to help create thicker stalks with tighter internal spacing, building a stronger overall plant structure that can support massive flower weight.

Higher Quality Fruits & Flowers

Lotus Nutrients will increase your plants’ production of Secondary Metabolites, maximizing each plant’s true DNA, giving you the absolute best quality possible.

Maximized Yields

Every grower wants to ensure the highest yield possible, without sacrificing quality. With Lotus Nutrients, your plants will thrive; producing large, dense flowers spread across more flowering sites. *Add-in the optional CarboFlush to further amplify the final stage of flowering.

Simplified & Amplified

While most nutrients companies create overly complicated recipes that require the use of 8-12 different products, Lotus was designed to deliver all of your plants’ needs with as few products as possible, without sacrificing anything needed for successful harvests.

A California Company

Designed in California and backed by industry-leading customer
support - a part of the Grow Strong Industries family of brands.

Lotus Nutrients Cal Mag Pro Series

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Lotus Cal Mag for Plants

Lotus Pro Series Cal/Mag is a premium source of the two most readily absorbed secondary nutrients, integral for balanced and healthy growth, essential for coco-based grows.

  • Ideal ratio of calcium to magnesium (4:1) developed to treat calcium and magnesium deficiencies.
  • Perfect product to be used in coco coir to prevent calcium/magnesium lock out.
  • Can be used to pre-treat coco coir prior to planting, to flush out excess sodium and chloride from the medium.
  • Makes for a great foliar spray or a root zone application.
Lotus Nutrients Cal Mag Pro Series
Lotus Nutrients Cal Mag Pro Series Sale price $14.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
julien boirard
Lotus Nutrients Cal/Mag Pro Series

top shelf products

Lotus Nutrients Cal/Mag Pro Series

Great nutrients!

Lotus Nutrients Cal/Mag Pro Series

Good stuff

Steven freeman
Lotus Nutrients Cal/Mag Pro Series

Just started using these nutrients on my recent autoflower run. And I'm experiencing new growth like I have never got with lesser nutes. Needless to say I'm excited to see the end result.

wiley coyote
Lotus Nutrients Cal/Mag Pro Series

been using this product for at least 3 years. It goes a long way and is choice quality stuff.