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The World’s Best Grow Light Just Got Even Better

2X Increased PPF

50% More Efficient

3.5X Improved Light Distribution

2X Increased Diode Lifespan

38% Lighter

Red + IR + UV When & Where You Need It

UV and IR are essential for increasing flower development and ramping up secondary metabolite production which increases both potency and terpenes. Since this added spectrum is only needed in the late stages of flowering, we’ve placed it on a separately controlled channel so you can decide when you use it, eliminating wasted energy and avoiding unwanted stretching during the earlier stages of plant growth.

Targeted Full Spectrum vs Standard Full Spectrum

Full spectrum diodes used by white light LED companies were originally designed for home and office use. Kind’s Targeted Full Spectrum is specifically engineered for plants to maximize harvest weight and plant quality. Our spectrum is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of field testing in Northern California’s medicinal plant industry.

Light Efficacy ≠ Plant Efficacy

Efficacy measures a light’s capacity for turning electrical energy into photons but does NOT measure the amount of photons that are usable to plants. Most high efficacy diodes are designed for home/office (not horticulture), and while they produce a lot of visible light, much of that light is not used by the plant and wasted as heat energy. Most white diodes are cheaper to produce and measure high in efficacy but use a spectrum that creates wasted light for plants.

Maximum Height Minimum Heat

The New X Series’ external driver mount (sold separately) offers 60% reduction in light height (more grow space) and 25% reduction in heat output.

Adaptable For Every Skill Level

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned growinglegend, the X Series has a setting that will accommodateyour particular growing capabilities and provide you withprofessional quality yields.

Cooler, Quieter, Kinder

Heat is one of the main culprits in electronic component failure. The X Series’ heat sinks rapidly disperse damaging heat, keeping your fixture optimally running for grow after grow.

Grow Close, Grow Bigger

Increase your vertical growing space by up to 24” and maximize every inch of your cabinet or tent. With increased light distribution and minimized “hot spots” you can grow closer to your light without burned tips.

A California Company

Designed in California and backed by industry-leading
customer support - a part of the Grow Strong Industries
family of brands.

Kind LED Grow Light X330

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8′ Remote Driver Extension Cord for LED X Series
8′ Remote Driver Extension Cord for LED X Series

for X220/X330/X420

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Kind LED Grow Light X330
Kind LED Grow Light X330 Sale price $495.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Eric Williams
X330 Led Grow Light

I am set on kind led.

X330 Led Grow Light

Picked up two of these on black Friday sale really good deal! Great lights. Powerful ,efficient and well made.


X330 Led Grow Light

Mandatory for an LED setup. Without these my eyes went wonky! With them it’s just clear vision with no purple or craziness and I can see! Excellent investment.

X330 Led Grow Light

Easy to use. Set up was very easy. The remote is a awesome idea. Like how it looks too got in 4x4 tent. Can’t wait to see what it does

X330 Led Grow Light

The lights have worked well, power went out and threw the timer off, but aside from that everything is excellent!!