Tommy Chong x Gorilla Grow Tent 5' x 5' OG

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  • Tommy Chong x Gorilla Grow Tent 5' x 5' OG

Tommy Chong x Gorilla Grow Tent 5' x 5' OG

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Gorilla Grow Tent is beyond excited to join legendary actor and activist Tommy Chong for an epic collaboration! Designed with Tommy Chong, these tents combine Gorilla’s strength and durability with some unique new touches, including a custom roof and stamped reflective interior featuring Tommy Chong’s logo. The Tommy Chong x GGT collaboration is available in our 2’x4′ Lite Line and 5’x5′ OG sizes, and are so hot, they’re liable to go Up In Smoke-so order today!

Gorilla Grow Tent 5'x5' Specifications

Dimensions 5’x5’x6’11”
Height w/ Extension Kit 7’11”
Height w/ 2 ft. Extension Kit 8’11”
Weight 88 lbs.
Canvas Density 1680D
Pole Diameter 22mm
Door Quantity 2
Ducting Port Quantity 8 (11" Double Cinching)
Electrical Port Quantity 4 (3")
  • The Original Gorilla Grow Tent 

    The Original Gorilla Grow Tent 

    The Original Gorilla Grow Tent®

    Gorilla Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts and perfect for beginners. The expert configuration positions ducting ports where they should be. Large EZ View windows offer easy grow snapshots without compromising your environment. The doorways offer 360 degree convenient access. The larger layouts provide frustration free maneuvering. Thick material and large double cinching ducting ports make maintaining an ideal growing space a snap. Grow easy on yourself. Grow Gorilla.


     Gorilla Grow Tent Features

    Thickest 1680D Fabric
    1680D FABRIC
    Constructed with 1680D thread density fabric (compared to 200D-600D) is up to 9x denser than any other grow tent, making it Ideal for experts and perfect for beginners.
    All steel construction
    Gorilla Grow Tent® features all steel poles with steel interlocking pins for a frame that is up to 2-5x stronger than any competitor’s tent frame.
    Diamond Reflective Technology
    Diamond Reflection Technology, redistributes photons directly at your plants, creating less waste & giving your plants more of what they need to thrive.

    Height Adjusting

    Each tent comes with an height extension kit that lets you increase your growing height by 1’ over the standard height. If that‘s not enough we have 2’ extension kits available, allowing your tent to reach an astounding height of nearly 10 FEET!