Kind LED Grow Light X420

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$595.00 USD


Due to unprecedented demand, the all new Kind LED X Series quickly sold out and as you know have now been out of stock for too long. The great news is we have a limited batch fresh off the assembly line that will be ready to ship on or around June 12 - 16 Because of the volume of inquiries on these lights, we have decided to open them up for pre-order. Ordering today will guarantee that one, or more, of these lights will be going home with you! Don't wait - these lights are in high demand and expected to sell out again fast

X Series

"What if I had multiple bar-style grow lights without having multiple bar-style grow lights?"

Every grower thinks it, but wonder no more,...

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X Series

"What if I had multiple bar-style grow lights without having multiple bar-style grow lights?"

Every grower thinks it, but wonder no more, the Kind LED X Series is here to turn that hypothetical into high yields. These plant growth powerhouses boast highly praised, NorCal-grown Kind LED targeted full spectrum technology–meaning your plants will enjoy heightened-intensity light that throws useable photons without giving off excess heat or pulling more than its fair share of energy!

All grow lights in the X Series feature:

Programable UV/IR control

The best, strongest, and healthiest plants aren't grown with "one size fits all" lighting. Even a tent full of the same plants might need different amounts, strengths, and spectrums of light during its natural life cycle. These grow lights are fully controllable and able to be programmed so that you can mimic the optimal light cycle for even the most obscure plants and fungi, and then let the Kind LED Technology take their growth to the next level.

Slimmer profiles

Bulk is good where it belongs. Big leafy heads of lettuce? Good bulk. Giant, healthy milkweed to boost pollinator populations? Good bulk! Grow lights that keep your indoor crops from reaching their highest hights? Bad bulk. 

Every unit in the Kind LED X Series' troop gets its power through an external driver mount, meaning it fits closer to the roof of your grow tent like a true ninja! 

Heat beating build

Waste not want not isn't just about making sure to eat your leftovers. It's every grower's guiding principle to keep things cool! Not only does the adjusted spectrum of the X Series grow light family adjust to maximum useable photons for potency and health, this plant-forward tech also cuts out wasted light, wasted energy costs, and heat! No need to bring in cooling means no need to pay more to produce more. That's savings anyone can get behind. 

Perfect fit sizing! 

The power of optimized fit can't be overstated. If you have too little light for the size of your grow, plants will get leggy as they reach for what they need, and end up falling under their own length. If you have too much light for the size of your grow…you'll probably have issues zipping the tent closed in the first place. 

The Kind LED X Series comes engineered in four separate sizes to suit any grow space. 

Choose from:

The Small and Mighty X220

Perfectly suited for clones and smaller grow tents. The light is small the effects are huge!

The Sensibly Sized X330

Medium sized for moderate grows, and severely potent results!

The Large and in Charge X420

Dad joke name, serious yields. 


The Big Boss X750. 

When this light grows around the house, it grows around the house. 

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